Business location is key, and not always obvious

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A great deal of business success comes as a result of opportunity.

While this opportunity can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, there is one area that if you strike lucky, can make the world of difference - location.

Deciding where to locate a new business is a big decision. Some people's minds will be made up as a result of existing living arrangements or an obvious availability of sector-specific labour.

Others however, will be open to suggestion and not averse to moving to a number of cities across the US.

According to a recent article in CNN Money, one business has done particularly well out of setting up in Pittsburgh.

Entitled 'Rust Belt Shine: Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh has limited airline service, but a large pool of educated talent drawn by great universities and a hopping cultural scene', the piece celebrates the city's welcoming environment for small firms.

Branding Brand, the case-studied company, is a marketing consultancy that has been doing exceptionally well as a result of utilising Pittsburgh's opportunities.

As a result of appearing on the hallowed pages of CNN Money, the company will have also received a welcome online PR boost, so things could get even better.

Christina Koshzow, co-founder of Branding Brand alongside Chris Mason and Joey Rahimi, waxes lyrical about the city as a place of promise for business start-ups, even mentioning the enviable rents as a big perk - which they are.

She told the news provider: "Our rent is less than some companies pay for parking," revealing that the firm pays only $500 per month for 5,000 sq ft of office space in a lively student area.

While most of her friends are based in places regarded to be more glamorous than the Iron City, Ms Koshzow has little regret about bringing up a business in Pittsburgh.

Having acquired clients such as the $4 billion-a-year retailer Dick's Sporting Goods, Ms Koshzow is hoping for revenues to surpass the $1 million-a-year mark in 2009.

While much of the city's industrial heritage may have long-since rusted over, the onset of these new opportunity-taking businesses could still yet offer the Iron City a bright and shiny future.

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