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Week 7 – LIVE Webinar: How to Get Things Done in Link Building

Thursday 11th July

RECORDING: Click here for the webinar material (Subscribers only)

Link building doesn’t stop. This webinar will help reinforce what you’ve learned in the course—and tell you where to go from here.

The webinar covers:

1. Set yourself a goal

2. How to measure your success (and enhance it)

3. How to manage your link building staff, partners, and relationships

4. How to continually grow your lists of prospects and contacts

5. How to build a first-class link building team

6. Where link building is headed in the next year.

If you have any questions, drop us a line to or


We hope you've enjoyed the course. We're keen to hear how you got on and how you think we could improve. We'd also like to hear what other courses you'd like to see on link building and online PR.

Could you take a few minutes to fill in an evaluation survey for us - we'd be very grateful.


Thanks in advance,

Ken and Garrett


Week 6 - Video Module: Online PR and Link Building


Since Google’s link criteria are getting more stringent, online public relations is now a critical tool in getting first-rate links.

Here are this week's videos:

6.1 What makes news?

6.2 How to find journalists interested in YOUR business

6.3 How to get editorial links

6.4 How to pitch a journalist

6.5 How to create your own online press room.

If you have any questions, drop us a line to or

Week 5 - Video Module: Social Media and Link Building


You can’t be successful in link building without an effective social media strategy.  This module will take a look at popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as industry-specific niche sites.

Here are this week's videos:

5.1 How to network with social media

5.2 What to share on social media

5.3 How to grow your fans and followers

5.4 Social media and link bait

5.5 Using niche social media sites

If you have any questions, drop us a line to or

Week 4: LIVE Webinar: How To Make Perfect Link Pitches

Thursday 20th June

RECORDING: Click here for the webinar material (Subscribers only)

Getting the kinds of links that boost your search engine rankings means making an irresistible pitch. So what’s the best way to do it? This module will show you how. Topics include:

1. Ten reasons link requests fail

2. It's a pitch, not a link request 

3. A guest post pitch

4. The art of creating personas

5. A broken link pitch

6. A product review pitch

7. Customizing your approach to different types of site. 

If you have any questions, drop us a line to or

Week 3 - Video Module: Create Linkable Assets That Are Irresistible NOW LIVE

People naturally link to content and resources they find entertaining or informative. To get these desirable links, you need to have link-worthy assets. This module will explain.

Here's this week' videos:

3.1 What Linkable Assets are and how to make them irresistible

3.2 Focus on your customers!

3.3 How to build links with evergreen ‘Info Gaps’

3.4 How to create ‘Passion Pieces’ that will inspire others to link

3.5 How to build a portfolio of Linkable Assets.

Week 2 - Video Module: Link Prospecting NOW LIVE

The key to smart link building is being able to uncover droves of quality link prospects—quickly.

This module uses actual examples to show you how it’s done.

2.1 Four smart link prospecting methods every experienced pro uses

2.2 How backlink analysis reveals the links you really must have

2.3 How to force Google to serve up the exact link prospects you’re after

2.4 How an army of ‘list creators’ can be your secret link building weapon

2.5 How broken links on external sites can win you a ton of links

Week 1 – LIVE Webinar: Get Links, Starting Today!


RECORDING: Click here for the webinar material (Subscribers Only)

This first webinar introduces you to our link building mentors, Ken and Garrett. They’ll tell you how to get your campaign started off right, explaining:

  • Why link building is paramount to effective SEO
  • The 3 major benefits that quality links bring to websites
  • How to sort the winning link prospects from the losers
  • The proven trigger that will make other sites desperate to link to yours
  • The link building practices that Google rewards—and the ones it penalizes

This is a live and interactive presentation! ALL of your link building questions will be answered—guaranteed. If there’s no time at the end of the webinar, they’ll be published in the discussion area.





N.B A recording of the webinar will be posted within 48 hours.

Since the “Get Links” course is delivered 100% online, there’s no driving, no calendar commitments, no hassles. Learn at your own pace.

Every week, a new course module will be published. All webinars, videos, and supporting materials will be presented online and be available to you on-demand, 24/7. This will allow you to hone your link building skills anytime, anywhere, from any Internet-connected device or computer!

You’ll also have access to Ken and Garrett via email who will be on hand to answer your questions and dole out seasoned advice. 

And there’s more good news. All videos and webinar recordings will be accessible for a full 12 months after the program is finished. During this time, you’ll also get ongoing support from Ken and Garrett. This will help you put what you’ve learned into motion—and start generating impressive results from your linking campaigns!



Hi guys, this sounds really exciting! We're UK-based but thinking about attending the live webinars anyway. Can you tell me how long roughly the webinars will be? Just so we can plan around it.


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