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Link Building Tactics: 10 to Avoid, 14 to Follow

In webinars and emails, I increasingly get the question, “Isn’t link building dead?” The answer is that a certain type of link building is dead, and a new type of link building has taken its place. Of course, in a period of transition there is a lot of confusion and people carry on doing things they shouldn’t. And, perhaps even worse, fail to do the new things that they really should be doing. 

In this article, I want to take some of the confusion away and give you 10 tactics that are dead or dying, and 14 tactics that are alive and well and should be at the centre of your link building strategy.

10 tactics to avoid 

If these tactics make up the majority of your link building activity, then you’ve got to make immediate changes and update your approach

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Six reasons you should use market surveys in link building campaigns

An in-depth market survey on behalf of your client can be a rich source of original material that brings you many content ideas and multiple business benefits to boot.

Here’s a practical example.

Several years ago, I was working on a project for an online plumbing supplies company. Over coffee the CEO remarked that most of his customers were women.

“Really? Why are most of your customers women?” I asked.

“I’ve no idea...” was his swift response.

Hmm, there might be a link-worthy story there.

So we sent out a customer survey: it confirmed 70% of his customers were women and told us why.

Women preferred buying online because they hated enduring a lot of teasing as they stood in line at a trade shop. So we had the answer and lots of quotes from women telling us why it was such a pain.

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Interview with Andrew Warner of

The full video will appear here on Wednesday 29th July.

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FREE 12-part Link Building Course!

To be really effective at link building, you’ve got to have a reliable link analysis tool. Not only should the tool provide you with an endless supply of link prospects, it should be able to tell your the quality of those prospects: it should be able to show you what strategies your competitors use to get links, how success they’ve been and tell you what you need to know to beat them.

My link analysis tool of choice comes from (formerly known as Majestic SEO) so I was delighted when Dixon Jones, Marketing Director at Majestic, asked me to create a free and comprehensive link building course for Majestic users and non-users alike.

We’ve worked hard to produce a link building course that should appeal to all and you can sign up for free at 

Here’s what we cover:

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Creative Link Building - Fabulous Complementary Book

Linking Outside the Box Cover

Recently I had the pleasure of helping Buzzstream put together a spectacular piece of content, "Linking Outside The Box" on the subject of creative link building.

In the book, link building experts share their secrets in 8 compelling stories. The book contains contributions from Greg Ciotti, Matthew Gratt, Paddy Moogan, Ann Smarty, Lyndon Antcliff, Alisa Scharf and Lisa Buyer.

If you want to keep up with the latest techniques in link building, this is a MUST READ.


Here's the content shared by seasoned (and generous) pros:

How a Partnership Led to a Viral Video with a Million Views - Greg Ciotti, - this is a great story about spending time carefully researching potential partners and then doing everything you possibly can to wow them.


How Online Videos Can Generate Links

Video marketing word cloud

By Manroop Takhar

The presence of videos on the web – whether shocking and thought provoking or cute and funny – have revolutionised not just the web, but how you can generate links to your website.

Some, like the cringe-worthy Cheeky Girls “Popstars: The Rivals” audition, which is still remembered, are like a car crash – where you don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself – while others, like Jeremy Paxman’s recent interview with Russell Brand, bring to the forefront discussion of global issues like corruption and economic disparity, with a hint of humour. 

Both of these mentioned, however, propelled to viral status. 

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Are Some Industries Too Boring For Link Building? (Video)

Sometimes when you're struggling for links you might wish you had a more exciting project or client to work on. One where it was pretty easy to attract links because there was lots of useful, interesting stuff to use in your link building campaigns. It's times like these that you need a little creative help - some inspiration to help you look afresh at your project and realize that no matter how boring your project might appear to be, there are no industries that are too boring for link building.  

In this short video, Ken explains 4 ways you can find linkworthy content in the most boring of industries. The video is based on an article originally written by Ken for, 3 Ways to Find Great Link Building Opportunities in Boring Industries.


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How to Turn Events into Link Building Opportunities

ann arbor fair event marketing

SEO and public relations have much potential for synergy. Not only can you get media coverage, you can encourageeditorial links.

One basic PR practice that works well for link building is the 12-month planner. Everything that happens in your industry can create link building opportunities. But if you just react and do things at the last minute, you aren't going to get maximum return for your effort.

However, plan ahead and you'll see many opportunities open up – and you'll be able to give them the time they deserve in advance.

Your promotion doesn't happen in isolation. You have to compete for attention and links with competitor activity, industry events, new product launches, research reports and breaking news stories.

If you launch a piece of content at the wrong time, your story just might not get noticed. So it's a good idea to map your campaign ideas and initiatives against what's happening in your industry.

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5 ways to find more quality, relevant link prospects

Of course, you want to get links from your own industry. That’s a no-brainer. But links from your own industry aren’t the only links that are relevant. There are many more prospects that could be of interest.

You need to get links from relevant sites, yes but what does relevant really mean? Get your definition too narrow, and you’ll miss lots of perfectly legitimate link prospects. Get your definition too broad and you risk losing focus and therefore diluting your efforts. 

1. Go beyond the obvious

Many of us look inwards and just think about our own products and companies. But rather than thinking just about your own products, think about your customers, who they are and where they come from.

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Ken McGaffin interviews Eric Ward on 'earned links'

Linkable Assets as can bring you a ton of links - your quality asset earns you quality links. In this short video Eric ward, an inspiration to  many link builders, including myself and Garrett, explains what an earned link is.


Also check out our video on How 'Linkable Assets' keep on bringing you links.

Eric also publishes a private monthly newsletter - which at $8 represents tremendous value for anyone looking for link opportunities.

You can find out more at Eric's LinkMoses Private.


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