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Over 70 Epic Social Media Case Studies


I love case studies - they're a fantastic way to learn what other people are doing and gain inspiration for your own work. I reckon you can get at least one actionable idea from any well-written case study. 

But of course, they have to be good case studies. That's why I love articles like this from, 70+ Epic Social Media Case Studies, Stats, Blog Posts and More compiled by Andrew Warren-Payne.

According to Andrew, Econsultancy's senior reporter David Moth goes out of his way to dig up and analyse how big brands are using social channels". There's some great stuff in there, including:

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How Making Comments Earned A Plum Editorial Link On Inc. Magazine


The web brings writers and journalists close to their readers as never before. That can lead to unexpected conversations, and those conversations can bring some fantastic free publicity and links. Kat Gordon, of Maternal Instinct shows how it works in this link-winning interaction with Jeff Haden, a writer on Inc. Magazine.

We were browsing articles on Inc. Magazine and saw an article by Jeff Haden where he had directly responded and linked to someone who had made a comment on one of his stories. It got the person who wrote the comment, Kat Gordon, a lovely editorial link:

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